Sylvanna Northwind
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Half-Elf
Faction Knights of the Ebon Blade/Horde

Sylvanna Northwind (alternate spelling: Sylvánna) is a young Death Knight, owing allegiance to the Horde because she has little other choice.


Born in a High Elven village near the border of Lordaeron and named in honour of then Ranger-General Sylvanas Windrunner. Her mother has explained that her father was a human, though would never go into detail about who it might have been, only that she was begotten during a festival. Sylvanna was only fourteen years old when the Scourge of Lordaeron happened, and she and her mother were both killed in quick succession by Greymantle the Unhallowed, one of the Scourge's death knights, and he then raised Sylvanna as an undead minion (the death knight-type of undead, not the ghoul-type). Her mother's spirit retained the willpower to cling to this world in the form of a banshee, and destroyed Greymantle, but not before Sylvanna was cruelly violated.


Sylvanna is aimless. With her childhood and future as a Ranger ripped from her, she wanders the world hoping to make reparations for the pain that she and her mother suffered, possibly someday taking the fight to the Lich King himself, the entity ultimately responsible.



  • "I never asked for this!" —on entering Orgrimmar for the first time and being assaulted by the guards and townsfolk for being a Death Knight
  • "As long as there is a Scourge, there must be a Lich King…but what if there were no Scourge?"


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