Bella Rosalie
Blood Knight
Vital statistics
Title Blood Knight
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Faction Horde
Health 149,000
Level 86
Status Alive
Location Dalaran


Bella Rosalie is a fair-natured Blood Elf female that has an obsession with the Emerald Dream.  She collects books, written accounts, and generally useless items for fun, and was once affiliated with the Knights of the Silver Hand before becoming a Blood Knight.


As a younger sister, she always followed around in the shadow of her bigger sister, Alucada.  She was fine going on adventures and doing the less pleasant things, like finding whatever can be used out of a monster carcass.  Very resourceful, she would take ores Alucada had from mining expiditions and make gems for the both of them to use. After the Cataclysm, Alucada found the new warchief and his ideas interesting, meeting his demands quickly and leaving Bella behind.  Bella didn't mind, though, having time to advance her professions and make money. 


Bella Rosalie is a Enchanter and Jewelcrafter but she does go on random adventures with her friends now and then, never shying away from a chance to go into battle.




  • She fancies all kinds of drinks, but more so the strong ones.
  • She relaxes by fishing, peering into the Emerald Dream, and disenchanting items.
  • She likes novelty items like the Unusual Compass and Sylvanas' Music Box.

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